Born in Rhode Island, Claire has lived in a variety of locations throughout the world with Missouri currently being her home.


After raising a large family, she returned to education and completed her BS, MLIS and two AGs to further her career as an academic educator and an in depth ‘genealogy’ and ‘family history’ researcher, lecturer and instructor. She is currently working on her Ph.D. out of Grand Canyon University.

She devotes much of her time in the fields of leadership, management, technology, genealogy, family history, forensics, librarianship and education in a multiplicity of avenues while staying on top of the latest advances in each field.


Elgin Genealogical Society

 3 August 2021

Zoom Video

"Breaking Down Brick Walls"



2019 - ?

Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona

Ph.D. Student

Minnesota  Genealocial Society: Canadian

Interest Group(CIG) | ZoomVideo

 24 April 2021

"O Canada:Census and  Beyond  Reserch Resources"

2017, 2018

International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists

  • Accredited Genealogist: England: 2008-2023

  • Accredited Genealogist: Mountain States: 2012-2022

ISBGFH Winter Webinar: 7 February  2019

"Getting the Most out of Your British Research at the  Family History Library" SLC, UT

MoSGA  Annual Genealogical Conference


10-11 August 2018

"Social Media Tools for Genealogial Research"


Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy

"Foundations in Forensic Genealogy"

"Advances in Forensic Evidence Analysis"

2008 - 2010

San Jose State University, California



Roger Williams University, Rhode Island

B.S. Computer Information Systems with honors